They’re partners that inspire us to drive ongoing results

Some of our Clinet’s are listed below :

No.Name of CustomerEquipment
1Directorate General Defence Purchase (DGDP)  Repeater, Base Mobiles, Walkie Talkie sets, Communication receivers, Telecom Towers, Security Equipment, GPS Receiver, Telephone Cable , Arms Ammunitions & Tele-phone Billing Machines.
Army, Navy & Air Force, 9mm Pistols, Ammo & other Military products
(Enlisted supplier) 
2UNDP Sundarban Division, KhulnaWalkie Talkie, Base  Mobile Stations, Repeater Stations, Antenna Towers & Masts, 
3Dhaka City Corporation.Repeater & Walkie Talkie
4TECHNOPROMEXPORT (USSR) Dhaka Office.Walkie Talkie Base Mobile, Repeater Stations and Antenna Mast.
5DGFI, Ministry of Defence (Enlisted supplier)Full Range Radio Communication & security Equipment.
6Forest Department, Ministry of Forest & Environment.Walkie Talkie, Base/ Mobile Stations, Repeater, Stations, Radios Antenna Mast, Solar Power System.
7Costain International Limited (UK), Dhaka OfficeRepeater, Base Mobiles, Walkie Talkie sets & Antenna Masts.
8Dhaka Electric Supply Authority. (DESA)Walkie Talkie & Base/Mobile stations.
9Bangladesh Power Development BoardWalkie Talkie & Base Mobiles
10BIWTALMR & Marine VHF  Base Station & Walkie Talkie sets
11BIWTCVHF Repeater, Walkie Talkie & HF SSB Transceivers
12S. I. Chowdhury & Co.HF SSB Sets & Antenna Masts
13NUM NUM, North Korea. Dhaka OfficeHF Base Transceivers & Antenna Masts
14Bengal Shipping Company, ChittagongMarine VHF Transceivers
15Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC)Walkie Talkie sets
16Jomac Limited. (Jamuna Bridge)Walkie Talkie, Base Mobile, Repeater station and  Antenna Mast.
17Bangladesh Police HF Transceivers, Data Fax system, Base & VHF/UHF Walkie Talkie sets, Personal Computers, Fax Machines, Pistol, Ammunitions & accessories     
18Continental GroupMarine HF SSB Transceivers
19Palli Biddyut Samitee (REB)Walkie Talkie, Base Mobile
Stations, Repeater  & Towers
20Biman Bangladesh AirlinesDigital VHF Repeater, Base Mobile,& Walkie Talkie 
Limited (BIMAN)
21BEPZA (DEPZ & CEPZ)Repeater, Walkie Talkie sets & Telecom Towers.
22Dhaka WASAWalkie Talkie, Base Station
23Bangladesh Coast GuardWalkie Talkie Sets
24Bangladesh RailwayHF SSB Transceivers
25Dulahazara Safari Park, Cox’s BazarRepeater, Base, Mobile, Walkie Talkie & Telecom Towers.
26Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd. (DESCO)Repeaters, Base, Mobile, Walkie Talkies & Telecom Towers.
27Bangabandhu Safari Park,Solar Power Fencing for Lions, Tigers & Beers.
Bagher Bazar, Gazipur
28Bangabandhu Safari Park, GazipurSolar Power fence, Repeater & Walkie Talkie
29TeleTalk Bangladesh Ltd.3G Modem, Wi-Fi & Routers.
30Chattogram Port AuthorityVHF Repeater, Base Mobile, Marinre Base/Mobile, Walkie Talkie
(CPA)(LMR & Marine), HF SSB Transceivers.